The Game Chasers Season 3
Signed DVD SALE!

The basic DVD set consists of a 6 panel 3 disc digi-pack. The contents of the set include
Each episode of season 3 remastered and uncensored, some includingadded scenes and new footage
commentary on each episode
A 45 minute documentary on the making of season 3
AN HOUR LONG reel of Outtakes and deleted scenes
Interactive menus with a story arch over the 3 discs, concluding with a "final battle" on disc 3
Never before seen footage
the Second Christmas Cartoon
A TIMED EXCLUSIVE EPISODE featuring MELVOR AND DODONGO looking for games with Jay and Billy as the cameramen. This wont be uploaded to youtube for at least a year if it even IS ever uploaded, which it might not.
Easter eggs galore, secret menus
much more....
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